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Creating Personalized Wall with MOMO PRO Cutting plotters
如何使用MOMO专业级刻字机制作壁纸  (壁纸DIY)

MOMO cutting plotters help you to design and decorate your house and living space through personalized wall stickers swiftly and creatively. This demonstration discloses the steps of creating a perfect wall decoration for Valentine's Day through vinyl, which is reusable and waterproof.

Step 1.
Create a romantic image on CorelDraw/ Illustrator.

Step 2.
Output it to the
MOMO cutting plotter on vinyl and weed the pattern.

Step 3.
Fix the weeded image on a transfer backing and stick the backing on a clean, plain wall and adjust the position if necessary.

Step 4.
An exceptional Valentine's Day wall decoration has been created.

With high accessibility and versatility, wall stickers live up your life and simply transform you into an artist.