MOMO 刻字膜

MOMO 深色可印刷热转印刻字膜

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  正常提供规格为:50cm*25m/卷,常备W C M Y K等多种颜色,同时也可根据客户具体要求订做不同规格及颜色的产品,荧光色系列的价格不同,具体欢迎咨询客服。


1.用MOMO刻字机先切割成需要的形状,撕离图案以外的胶膜,切割深度以割入底层胶片10—30 UM为佳。





Instruction to use MOMO Heat transfer vinyl

How to use our heat transfer vinyls:
Item Transfer tempt Transfer time Peeling method
PU heat transfer vinyl 150-160 ℃ 10-15 s cold peeling
Glitter heat transfer vinyl 150-160 ℃ 10-15 s cold peeling
Hologram heat transfer vinyl 150-160 ℃ 10-15 s cold peeling
Metallic heat transfer vinyl 150-160 ℃ 10-15 s cold peeling
PVC heat transfer vinyl 175 ℃ 15-20 s cold peeling
Flock heat transfer vinyl 150-175 ℃ 15-20 s cold peeling
Reflective heat transfer vinyl 150 ℃ 10-15 s hot peeling
Glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl 130 ℃ 10-15 s cold peeling

The normal cutting size of our heat transfer vinyls:
Item normal cutting size(cm)
PU heat transfer vinyl A4, 25*30
Glitter heat transfer vinyl A4, 25*30
Hologram heat transfer vinyl 25*30
Metallic heat transfer vinyl 25*30
PVC heat transfer vinyl 25*30
Flock heat transfer vinyl 25*30
reflective heat transfer vinyl 25*30
Glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl 25*30

Store/Expiry date/Package:
· These products are non-dangerous store method like other products. Place in cool/dry place,ban crashing with sharp things.
· Standard package:50cm*25m/roll,4rolls/case;special requirement can be customized.
· The expiry date is within 12 months(non-opened,and store well).

· Try the sample then produce in massive.
· Seal the rest stickers, you should dry the products, don't let them in rainy day.
· This information is true and right, but it will change if customer offer the fabric/color/picture which is out of our control.
  MOMO won't take any responsibility for all states above.
Specification for MOMO Dark color printable vinyl :
Name MOMO Dark color printable vinyl
Description Special property,Use with computer,plotter and heat press machine ,it is convenient.
It can print on fabrics directly,and looks personalized than other vinyls.
Product model Q5-2 150-160℃
Certificate Oeko-Tex100 8-10S
Length/width 50cm*25m/roll Cold peeling
Thickness 0.1-0.12MM matting light
It is Environmentally friendly medium(6-8KG)
Melt point 105℃ soft
Material PU white
Care Wash temperature 40-60 degrees Cotton ,polyester,acrylic fibers,similar fibrous etc.
Tumble dryer
Iron form inside to outside  
Wash by hand  
Industry Apply to pictures in multi color or single color,team logo/basketball number/advertisement/ company logo and so on,it is suitable for light color and dark color clothes,can also use full color photographs ,look personalized.