MOMO Camera Cutter plotter Read More

As well-known, most of vinyl cutter adopt laser sensor or optical eye, which is limited in reading special material, like reflective film, transparent and multi-color film,..Etc. But MOMO can read it, and even more. Nowadays, We updated our vinyl cutter, and the camera read more, like transparent film, highly reflective film, complex color film(Matte silver, brushed silver, light silver and so on, laser sensor or optical eye is hard to read). MOMO Camera vinyl cutter read most of material in the market. If you find the vinyl material cannot be read,pls tell us!

Below videos are from our customers

1,Pls see MOMO cutter plotter cut customers their own patented material Weed-EX, it just need cut one time just need cut one time directly 1000 Series heat transfer PU film for textile decoration.(Weed-Ex is an innovative weeding system, which will save time and labor cost.While having less material loss due to mistakes in weeding, you are able to increase your working capacity and accept large orders from your customers.)

2,Pls see MOMO cutter plotter cut customers high reflective film, it work well.