• 最大切割宽度: 1220mm
  • 最大切割速度: 0-800mm/s
  • 定位方式: 红点定位
  • 激光类型: Co2 激光
  • 描述 技术参数 视频 可以做什么?
    ► 50W, 80W CO2 Laser Type
    ► 1380mm Max Width Available
    ►  Portable, Desktop, Inexpensive for Home or Small business
    ►  Engraving or Cutting Wood, Leather, Paper, Stickers, Felt, Cloth, Acrylic, Plastic, Rubber and so on
    ► CE, ISO, FDA Certification
    ► English User Manual and Video to how to operation
    ► Saving Time, Saving Labor Cost, Saving your Money

    Model NO M-1380
    Power Supply 220V±10%,50HZ 110V±10%,60HZ
    Laser Power 40W, 50W Optional
    Laser Tube Type Co2 sealed laser tube
    Max Width 1360mm
    Working Speed 0-60000mm/min
    Worktable Roller Clamp
    Locating precision 0.01mm
    Min shaping character Character 2*2mm ,letter 1*1mm
    Operating temperature 5°C-35°C
    Resolution ratio <4500dpi
    Data transfer interface USB
    System Environment Windows2000/WindowsXP/Vista/Win7
    Cooling Method Water cooling and protection system
    Graphic Format Supported Cutter Master Ucancam
    Engraving Thickness 0-5mm (engraving cutting depth mainly depends on materials )
    Protection System Yes
    Machine Weight 70 kgs
    Machine Size 1700mm*500mm*500mm
    Pacakge Size 1750mm*/550mm*550mm,Plywood wooden box packaging

    Material Thickness
    Leather 2 mm
    Paper 0.5-5 mm
    Felt 2-3 mm
    Wood 3 mm
    Rubber 3 mm