MOMO 24寸摄像头刻字机(WIFI型刻字机)

产品编号: MM-CAH24-W
MOMO 24寸WIFI型刻字机是一款高精度摄像头刻字机,支持固件远程升级,采用4.3寸超大液晶触摸屏设计,操作简洁,内置高清摄像头,可实现多MARK点自动定位和多种形状的MARK点识别,自动校准,精度高。支持重复切割,以及支持多种特殊材料的切割(如柔性布料切割,透明材料切割等)
  • 最大切割宽度: 630mm
  • 轮廓切割: 支持自动巡边轮廓切割
  • 定位方式: 摄像机全自动定位系统
  • WIFI: 支持
  • 马达: 低躁微步进电机
  • 刀压: 800g
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    1. Ultra pressure. 160setting adjustable.Capable for thick mateial.
    2. Simple and decent outlook design.Alumimum alloy boday. Many colors option.
    3. Real USB connect,support hot-plug,no USB drivers reqired.
    4. Support automatically contour cut,cutter can search and deal with mark points automatically by camera.High precision and smart.
    5. Multi interface available: USB cable,USB Flash drive,and WIFI
    6. Remote and one key update:Independent firmware,user can update newest firmware very easy.
    7. 4.3" touch screen,high resolution,high definition
    8. APP interface: User can control cutter by phone app
    9. High-speed 32bit M4 arithmetic microprocessor.8M merrory.Stable and high precision cutter,smooth and quiet.
    10. High precision control system and mechanical design.Use high preicison steel axes,and independent control system.
    11. LED light bar,user can change color freely.
    12. Multi language available,defaul English and Chinese.Other languages are available.
    13. Single Heading, Support WIFI
    Model MM-CAH24-W (24inch WIFI vinyl cutter)
    Acceptable media width 720mm
    Max cutting width 630mm
    Camera Support
    Contour cutting function Fast ,automatically and high precision contour cut by using camera.
    Operation 4.3" TFT LCD Large touch screen
    Interface HD large screen full-color APP information function display
    Connector USB cable,USB flash drive,WIFI
    Contour cutting calibration Easy use and high precision calibrate
    Mainboard 32bit ARM cortex M4 MCU,8M memory. Support remote and one key update.
    location mode Bound system. set origin freely
    Driver Digital DC stepper motor,microstep driving
    Command HP-GL, DMPL
    Max moving speed 750mm/s
    Max cutting speed 600mm/s
    Max cutting thickness 1mm
    Force Single head: 50g~800g  ( 160 setting adjustable )
    Cutting precision < ±0.1mm
    Repeat precision 0.082 mm
    Power supply DC24V 3A(AC100~240V/50Hz~60Hz  24V 3A)
    working environment +5℃~ +45℃,relative humidity 30%~70%
    Support type Desk type
    Body color Silver-green/silver-white/black-red(optional)
    Bracket optional
    Size 1000 x 375 x 370mm
    Packing G/N weight 12.6 / 9.2kg
    Software Flexi,Signcut,CorelDRAW driver
    Operation system Windows2000 / XP / 2003 / win7 / 2003  / win7 /win10
    MAC OSX10.2.8 or above