MOMO Dual heads Cutting plotter, Print and Cut in one step

Looking for a reliable Print & Cut solution? Discover MOMO's alternative dual-heads plotter Print & Cut design.

How to set dual heads to working

Independent Dual Cutting heads, Automatically exchange tools

It's a concept extremely suitable for the production of signs and stickers: window displays, labels, vinyl stickers, vehicle graphics, car stickers, point of purchase, packaging, funny bumper stickers, safety signs, billboards, … MOMO made contour cutting easily.

Most of Chinese vinyl cutter factories often provide you a single heads print&cut machine. MOMO resolutely does not. MOMO has thought over this work-flow, considering all possible steps, the typical equipment requirements and the total ease of using.

MOMO offers you a unique dual heads vinyl cutter, which print&cut at the same time.

Please read more on below amazing technology:

MOMO’s Automatic contour cutting work process: step by step
Unique MOMO’s Dual tools cutting solution
Why MOMO Design for a dual heads cutting vinyl plotter

MOMO’s Automatic contour cutting work process: step by step
Pls check below how it works:
1, Sticker design comes in from a software (SignMaster,SignCut,CorelDRAW®, Illustrator®…) design package.
2, The stickers are printed
3, After printing, the operator can choose to build-in a drying time, to laminate or to immediately cut the stickers.
4,The printed stickers (roll or sheet) (front or backside first) are loaded into the MOMO vinyl cutter and the signal is given to start the job.
5,The MOMO V series uses the pre-printed reference box to exactly position, scale and skew the vector data and accurately contour cutting the stickers.

Unique MOMO’s Dual tools cutting plotter

MOMO’s high-performance print & cut solution bundle does not eat up hours for printing & cutting. It's a dual-device solution! You can (contour) cut & print on two units simultaneously, full-time!
Printing and contour cutting with MOMO equipment is e.g. possible when combining MOMO V series industrial vinyl cutter. With this productivity combo, you will not only be able to print & cut SIMULTANEOUSLY, but you will moreover have a cheaper and more functional solution compared to hybrid print & cut solution!
By means of the specially developed Print & Cut software you can create, RIP, print, cut, contour-cut and print & cut from one software.

Why MOMO Design for a dual heads cutting vinyl plotter
A printer and a cutter have a different economic life-cycle. Whereas the average economic life-cycle of a printer is 3 to 5 years, a cutter can be used up to 10 years. Combining both units in one integrated machine will drastically reduce the functionality of the cutter.
Moreover, when taking a closer look at the user-friendliness of a single-device solution, there are some practical inconveniences.
Firstly, after printing your stickers on self-adhesive media, you will often let them dry out and stabilize to avoid shrink behavior. Maybe you will even laminate them. Only a couple of hours later, you can cut the stickers, meaning that in the meantime your single device solution can't be used for any other job. This also implies that constant oversight is necessary.
Moreover, the cutting part is an operation that has very little in common with the printing operation:
1,You do not want the machine's transport wheels to run all over the printed stickers.
2, The time to cut the stickers is usually less than needed to print them.

Therefore, MOMO design a Print & Cut machine without compromises and where one operation does not fractionize nor slow down the other (related) operation.For optimum user-friendliness, MOMO defined a new cutting plotter that will practically reduce operator errors to zero!